BISCO was instrumental in addressing the need of swimming lessons for local children.  Through research we learned that 17 children were involved in near drownings at the local pool, all because they could not afford to pay for swimming lessons. Through research and leader action a plan was put into action to approach the local governing body to provide "free" swimming lessons to needy youth in each of our covenant congregations.

This was in the summer of 2001.  The mayor approved 50 slots for children who read 15 books and provided a book report. The program was so successfulthat that there were only two near drownings the next summer.  The program proved the need for this resource for local children.

BISCO handles all the selections of children through leader volunteers in each of our congregations, review of all book reports and addressing responsibilities of parents to carry thru with the three week swimming lessons program. It is often a hardship on parents to get the children there, but they manage to do so with the help of BISCO leaders. 

Each year BISCO hosts a Recreation  Summer ACTION and Celebration where the children receive certificates and thank the administration and then  approach the mayor and city council and request the program be continued another year.  Each year since without fail we have been approved even with election changes in Mayors and Council members. In the last 13 years we have seen over 650 children learn to swim!! That is BISCO SUCCESS!!!!!!! 

( See photos of the last summer action on our home page of this website.)


BISCO was instrumental in the creation of TREC-UP, a Thibodaux Recreation Department program for people with special needs and disabilities.  After working with the city officials for more than five years, they finally agreed to give the program a start.  With assistance from several local agencies that work with special needs children who organize the program and provide the transportation and the teachers, the recreation department has found this to be a very successful program. Youth come in for dancing lessons, nature walks and other holiday parties and celebrations. All children are encouraged to participate with the special needs youth as well as Recreation Staff. The mayor and his staff are usually seen at every holiday event!

Each year at our Summer Recreation ACTION And Celebration the youth come in and perform one of their line dance numbers for all to see.  They are all given certificates and we again request that the program be continued for another year. We have never been refused.  Another BISCO SUCESS Story!

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