Our Funders


BISCO is thankful to the Greater New Orleans Foundation for its support of our mission via two separate grants that we are working under in 2012.   Through their Coastal Communities Fund we are working with residents of Lafourche, Terrebonne and southern Jefferson Parish who have been impacted by the BP Oil Disaster.  We provide person-to-person relationships to help those impacted with finding resources to address their needs.   We provide information about resources for financial assistance, medical needs, employment options, job re-trainings, education, and family support.  BISCO collaborates with various resource providers to bring resources to these residents.   Some of our popular projects have been family budgeting trainings and small business trainings, including how to use QuickBooks, as in our collaboration with South Central Planning and Development. 
The Greater New Orleans Foundation was also very quick to respond to those impacted by Hurricane Isaac and has provided BISCO and several other nonprofits in this area with grant funds to assist with reaching out into these communities.   BISCO's grant from GNOF in this event has been to provide clothing and food to survivors, especially those in southern Lafourche and Southern Jefferson.  GNOF graciously granted BISCO extra funding to be able to provide clothing and food to survivors in LaPlace who are struggling with recovering from severe flooding.  
We are thankful for their support, and we know the survivors of these events who are benefiting from this support are also thankful for GNOF's funding. 

BISCO is proud to be a grantee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops through their Campaign for Human Development Program. While we are an interfaith group, having membership from several different faith groups, we strive in all of our activities and functions to keep aligned with the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching, which generally run parallel to the teachings of many other faiths. CCHD works to address issues of poverty, a growing problem in today's economy across the world, including the Bayou Region. Working on the basic tenets of human dignity and fairness.

BISCO is proud to be funded in part by Oxfam America and to work as part of their Coastal Communities Coalition, working with other local nonprofits to address issues in the Gulf Coast Region. The coalition works for policy changes that impact the entire region, and of course the major policy focus for the past couple of years has been the RESTORE Act! We thank Oxfam and their very talented staff for such hard and dedicated work in helping us work on this critically important issue! We are looking forward to this legislation being a turning point for coastal recovery along the Gulf.

2012.  BISCO is working under the U-19 Grants with both Tulane University and the University of Texas Medical Branch.  These grants focus on health and seafood safety issues related to the BP Oil Disaster.   We appreciate our partners at both of these prestigious universities, and we are thankful for the opportunity to work with them on these worthwhile projects.


November 12, 2012.   BISCO was honored to be awarded a grant from the Peace Development Fund.  We are proud to become partners with the progressive work of PDF under their "Community Organizing Grants Fund of the Peace Development Fund" and look forward to continuing our work for building coastal communities' voices for safe, healthy and just communities. 




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