Gulf Gathering 2013

Gulf Gathering 2013
Donald Bogen Jr. - Thu Apr 04, 2013 @ 12:37PM
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Bisco attended the 2013 Gulf Gathering, a United Response to the BP drilling Disaster.


 Some great goals and next steps came out of this gathering.

1) Re-forming of the Public Health Work Group. In the coming week we will be contacting you to join the next call where we will begin to develop a more detailed campaign plan and set achievable goals.

2)   Gulf Citizen Advisory Committee for the RESTORE Council. An updated sign on letter will be sent around soon for folks to add their name to.

3) Plans for memorializing the 3rd year since the BP disaster are being developed by committees.

4)  Education and outreach committee to work on organizing community meetings to educate folks about restore and to empower coastal communities to be engaged in this effort. This committee will focus on expanding the goal of justice in our coalition and in restoration of the Gulf

5)  Committee to develop our new principles for restoration (Weeks Bay Principles II) will reviewing the draft next week. We hope to have those ready for release on April 16th

gulf_gathering_2013.jpgAttendess at Gulf Gathering 2013




Bisco, Patty Whitney sharing  a Panel, Creating a Stronger and More Inclusive Coalition.


The panelists will participate in a fishbowl conversation to discuss how disadvantated communities and communities of color across the Gulf coast became voiceless. Theis was a opportunity to look at how we move forward to ensure that all impacted communities are at the table and part of the restoration projects being proposed in their backyards.


Comments: 150

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